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Welcome to the website. We would like to introduce you to our firm and alliance partnerships for consideration of your business development projects. Weather it's intranet or extranet, software or webcasting, and most anything in between, we can compose a custom and comprehensive development solution according to your exact specifications. More definitively, the availability to assist with your needs in growing your business long term. This includes capabilities for modifications and integrations as technology and your needs assessments continually require.

About us:

We are the creators of several successful software applications deployed in several countries throughout the world. We cure and solve IT challenges and provide real solutions that work to help companies deliver their message to their audience of employees, customers, constituents, and peers. We have the resources and capabilities of creating and/or putting in place whatever your technological demands require.

Our webcasting and broadcast software applications are used for custom online delivery of live and video recorded content. It can be used in concert in a variety of ways including live or recorded online training, sales, lessons, fundraising, auctions, seminars, marketing, product distribution, events, education, municipal delivery and medical analysis, just to name a few. Simply put - "it's like having your own TV station on the internet" without the high costs. The platform provides easy membership deployment for viewing your live or recorded information. Your content, dependant on your needs, is delivered to your audience as free access, pay-per-view, or member privileged content without any limits. We have installed several enterprise community solutions with complete membership billing capabilities for monthly and pay-per-view billing specifications in rich environments. We create from scratch, and/or implement into the platforms currently in place as requested by our clients.

The very clear difference and objective is customization and solutions that work for our clients. All facets of your project(s) including screen viewers, dashboards, screen shots, etc., have your brand associated with it. We create what you want. We do not have a cookie-cutter platform like others. The code for your application is unique to your specifications and needs, therefore there are NO LIMITATIONS to your specific project request(s).

Our development staff is a team of 16 professional designers who are experts with 4+ plus years of experience in Full Custom Flash™ 9, FLEX, FLV, FM, .NET, JAVA, C++, PHP, SQL, XML, JSP, VB, HTML, XHTML, and various graphic engineering software applications.

Short and long term solution assignments for I/T  partner sourced services are also available.

Our server capabilities offer RedHat Linux OS redundancy including FMS with multiple terabyte transfer capabilities. See Our Hosting Facility. We create comprehensive and true streaming based solutions that WOW your customers and clients.



See some illustrations of our expertise in script writing, software building and tech support video chat and VOD (video on demand) implementations on our Samples Page.


We pride ourselves in hiring the best of the best all having 4-5 year IT engineering. When you use My Site Developer and Eye Partner, you are sure to have your project delivered on time and under budget!


The My Site Developer / Eye Partner Development Team Offers:

  • Competitive programming rates
  • Flash 9 Object Code Development
  • Advanced Programming in Flex
  • Customized software development (utilizing the latest code control CVS techniques)
  • Server management - currently handle 20+ UNIX Servers.
  • Custom Web Intranet or Extranet Website Development
  • Advanced design in flash for web or print
  • 3D Rendering
  • Artificial Intelligence development
  • Project management
  • Permanent staff placement
  • Human Resources
  • Online support via instant messenger / trouble tickets / Video Chats
  • Server Management specializing deployment of Linux and Windows Servers including Virtualization, including MySQL/Apache/Flash Com Server/ Load Balancing Solutions.

How we work:

Clear project specifications are created and organized from the onset of the project. These specifications are loaded into our secure Project Management Software. This online tool allows you to work along side the development team through to completion. (More Information)

We are confident that we can assist you in building solutions according to your specifications.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Contacting Us:

Please feel free to contact us with questions about our team and qualifications. Also let us know if we can assist in any other projects that you may need part time or permanent placement for with your company.

My Site Developer

Phone 716.656.0210


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Latest News

Interactive controlled VIDEO has been included into our broadcasting application in addition to slides. The only comprehensive and true streaming based application of its kind in the world. (see above sample when host is online) and ask for a demonstration. You may also contact us to schedule a personalized demonstration and may be eligible for a free trial.



Latest product forum is:

A Virtual Cinema, online cinema. In this cinema you can view movies and at the same time chat with other people seated in the same cinema as you.


Keep checking back for more future AVitrual developments i.e.


AVirtual School

Avirtual Doctor

AVirtual City



Just released another application for meetings. The basic functionalities are Streaming Video and Audio, Chat and Slides Presentation. In admin interface, the presenter can upload a zip file containing slide images for a specific project. Then in Flex interface he can select the project and start the meeting. Audience will be able to see his camera streaming, chat with all participants and see the slide presentation


My Site Developer










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