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My Site Developer in conjunction with continues to develop new and exciting products for your Virtual Needs.  You can provide A Virtual Live Shopping Center, Live Auction, Live Mall, or shopping center of your own for any product sales and marketing use. This would include but is not limited to LIVE SALES for - retail, wholesale, grocery, auction, auto, real estate, big ticket and small ticket sales.


If your company or organization is interested in the absolute best format for meeting its virtual needs and wants to explore what an AVirtual custom built enterprise solution will do for you, please contact us for a demonstration.


If you already know what you want and just need our staff of 16 professional designers and programmers to build it for you, we invite you to send us your specifications / RFP and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.





Your items are loaded for screenshot panel viewing. Members are allowed to instantly purchase promoted merchandise.

  • Full e-commerce adds sales to shopping cart
  • Tracks inventory for control and point of purchase
  • Completes the transaction process
  • Specials and even sponsors or co-op partners can be added
  • The LIVE moderator has full control over items for sale or the auction as well as adding video for commercial breaks or advertising purposes
  • The interface is built TOTALLY Custom to your demands
  • Your brand and web address are prominently displayed all custom to your specifications.

We utilize Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) for code and accountability controls.
This allows control of the development process with commitment to changes of your code or website, in a safe and secure method. Simply put - we develop and design intranet and extranet web platforms that work.

We are confident that we can assist you in building solutions according to your specifications.

We hope to hear from you soon.

My Site Developer - Contact Us for a demonstration or to provide a solution for your specifications to build your own live shopping center, live auction, live mall and more.


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