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If you operate a Network Operating Center (NOC) or Web Hosting Company you already realize the importance of demands for new services placed on your operating center and with keeping pace for your clients needs. As Video is rapidly becoming the next wave for internet deployment on websites and for intranet uses, many NOC's, web hosting companies and others are looking for a viable solution. Utilizing our streaming based platform is the clear answer. You can offer video on demand, streaming video, and more to your customers automatically. If you already use cpanel, plesk, your own proprietary management tool, or of the like, you can now offer our video management control panel as an additional plug-in for your customers. Users simply add the service to their existing account with you. Your NOC or Web Hosting Company charges an amount that you determine to the user for the service. You can even offer free trials so they can find out for themselves how easy it is to use when wanting to add live streaming and/or recorded video to their websites or applications.

The benefits of doing so are:

  • Typical increase of bandwidth sales - 20x-30x.
  • Increase of dedicated server order requests.
  • Increase in hardware sales.
  • Your NOC is provided with a Master License - in turn you are allowed sub-licensing to distribute to your existing and new clients for their use. 
  • As the NOC, you control all facets and pricing values to the end user.
  • License capabilities provides your operation center with 100% of the profits you charge your users - providing you with continuous, ongoing, and new "streams" of residual income. 
  • White labeled - Privately branded to fit your current product and service offerings.
  • A Free trial version is available on request for approved Network Operating Centers and Web Hosting companies.

Please contact us to find out how your NOC, Web Hosting Company and your clients, can benefit from simply offering our streaming based plug-in solutions.

Also see our Streaming Base Answered section.





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