My Site Developer - Sourcing Solutions for your IT needs for Short or Long term requirements:

When it comes to information technology and what your organization wants to achieve, it's hard to determine just exactly what it is you may be looking for. The difficulty most commonly is needing a specialist to deliver your products and/or services the way you want. With so many options as to the various script languages, not to mention personnel and budget limitations, how does one decide how to have their project completed, and then still available for ongoing changes when/if necessary?

My Site Developer has recruited what we consider the top designers and developers in their fields from all over the world. We continue to scout for talent and school them to our method of practices. Through our deployment practices over the past several years, we continue to deliver projects on time and within our clients budget. We have taken the guess work out of Information Technology personnel needs and bundled a platform where companies can now come to for all their intranet, extranet, web development, and ongoing software deployment demands.

Currently most companies recruit for IT services dependant on what their previous or current practices are, or according to what they think they need. What this does is severely limit the capabilities of what your organization can ultimately achieve. Crucial design and implementation structures are hindered because of the limits of what you may not even know is available.

In some cases we have seen classified requests for the individual who "knows all". Requesting one individual to understand multiple software applications in a comprehensive manner is not going to happen. This is why we created My Site Developer. We provide the IT software specialists who are prolific in their field of script language, and assign them specifically to your requested needs. Now development of a website, intranet, or software application can be accomplished using various components with multiple software applications and scripts. This provides no limitations to your project requirements. You specify what it is you want done and our team of designers create it to your specifications. Both short and long term projects are delivered as requested.

Our development staff team of 16 professional designers, are experts with 4+ plus years of experience in Full Custom Flash™ 9 FLEX, FLV, FM, .NET, JAVA, C++, PHP, SQL, XML, JSP, VB, HTML, XHTML, and various graphic engineering software applications.

I/T outsourced services:

  • Competitive programming rates
  • Flash 9 Object Code, Custom Flash™ 9 Advanced programming in FLEX, FLV, FM, .NET, JAVA, C++, PHP, My SQL, XML, JSP, VB, HTML, XHTML, and various graphic engineering software applications.
  • Customized software development (utilizing the latest code control CVS techniques)
  • Server management - currently handle 20+ UNIX Servers.
  • Custom Web Intranet or Extranet Website Development
  • Advanced graphic design for web or print
  • 3D Rendering
  • Artificial Intelligence development
  • Project management
  • Long and short term staff assignment
  • Online support via instant messenger / trouble tickets / video chats


Please feel free to contact us with questions about our services and qualifications. 


My Site Developer




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